Testimonials of the work of 
Sam Grant as General Ulysses S. Grant
  In the words of just a few people he has touched through his presentations . . . . .  

The Osterville Village Library was delighted to host General and Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant at their kick-off event for their summer lecture series "Cape Cod and the War of the Rebellion".  Mrs. Grant, portrayed by Julie Grant, was completely in character - warm, personable, witty and very southern.  She told a story of what could only be a wife's insights into her husband - the pride of his accomplishments, the regret of his public criticisms, and the loving mockery of his idiosyncrasies.  It was an enchanting but very real insight into Grant, from his wife's perspective. .

Sam Grant provided an excellent rendition of Ulysses S. Grant. He was gruff and "not a good public speaker", just like the real Grant.  What was most amazing was the depth of Sam's level of knowledge of Grant's character, movements during the war, his thinking and philosophies.  Sam Grant spoke extemporaneously for over an hour and it was as if you were listening to Ulysses, himself. It was a living history experience at its finest!

We would highly recommend the Grant's program for other organizations dedicated to learning and preserving history.
Thank you for your outstanding program!

Susan Belekewicz
Osterville Village Library
Barnstable, MA

Gen. and Mrs. Grant,

I want to take this time to thank you for being part of City of Lynn's 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Your portrayal of General Grant was excellent.  The feed back from the school officials and students were very positive and produced questions about what are we going to do next year.  Let me say I would not hesitate recommending you and your wife to any school system, re enactment or living history event. 

Again thank you very much.

Dexter Bishop
CWRT of the North Shore/Lynn
C/O GAR Museum
58 Andrew Street
Lynn, Ma 01901


Gen. and Mrs. Grant,

I have had the pleasure of Reenacting with General/Mr. Grant for almost ten years. During this time I have observed his skills in Civil War history and Horsemanship. His knowledge of the real U.S. Grant is perfect and he conducts himself in that mannerism throughout all re-enactments. Sam is also a great lover of the American system and I am proud to know him.

Jim Dunne
32nd Mass. Field Hospital
Dudley, Mass.


General and Mrs. Grant,

Thank you for joining us for the 2013 Harding Symposium.  It was pleasure to meet you both.  We enjoyed your presentation on Friday evening, and hope that you enjoyed your time with us (in spite of the torrential downpour on Saturday morning) throughout the event.

Best wishes,

C. Gary Iams
Coordinator of Development and Community Relations
The Ohio State University at Marion
1465 Mount Vernon Avenue
Marion, OH  43302

“This will be the third year we have the privilege of having Sam Grant portraying Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant at Historic Soldiers Weekend. This event is a timeline that features hundreds of re-enactors and “living historians” and Sam is a true professional.  From the planning stages of the event, to the event itself, working with Sam and Julie is always a pleasure.  Sam’s interactive presentation is informative, educational and entertaining.  He pays great attention to authentic detail with his entire camp set-up of the headquarters of Ulysses S. Grant and we feel his extensive knowledge of this often misunderstood American hero is a benefit for any educational event, “living history” timeline or Civil War event.  We are thrilled to welcome back Sam and his wife, along with their passion for our country, as well as for this time in our nation’s history. “

Matt Carroll
Historic Soldiers Weekend
“It is a privilege give a word of testimony about this wonderful couple who expend so much energy teaching in a creative talented way, about the life of Ulysses S Grant. Sam & Julie Grant participated in our annual Thanksgiving Celebration for the first time in 2008. We hope they will return annually going forward.
What a statement they made riding horseback in the parade in period costume. The crowds loved them and followed them to the Historic Village where the young and old alike were mesmerized as they received an authentic history lesson in a wonderfully entertaining way about General Ulysses S. Grant and his contribution in American history: an ordinary man who accomplished extraordinary things!”

America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration committee
Plymouth, Ma
“Saturday was a truly fun day on the Common in Brookfield! With more than 150 present Sam Grant and Julie Marin performed a Living History with Ulysses S. Grant and biographies of 13 Ladies of 1865 including Belle Boyd, Dorothea Dix and Clara Barton. Music played; cider and ginger cookies were available for refreshment.  Thank you for the wonderful performance on Saturday!  Family and friends truly enjoyed this experience and entertainment on the Common!”

Brenda Metterville
Merrick Public Library
Brookfield, MA
Dear General Grant and Mrs. Julia Grant,
During the reenacting season, it’s always enjoyable seeing both your friendly faces. I enjoy our conversations on Civil War topics and horse back riding.  It’s also a pleasure riding “Roo” as he keeps my riding skills up and is a great measuring stick as to how well I have been progressing with my riding lessons. Having horses on the battlefield and at encampments brings a new depth to living history. It’s one thing to talk about the cavalry and riding, but quite another when you present it in a living history format. I am so pleased that you have made your horses available for this. I highly recommend to anyone that if you have the opportunity to use one of General Grant’s horses for an event that you do so. They are first rate mounts. Also your kind words about my “bugling” were heart felt.  Thank you so very much.

Your humble servant,
Private Ken Doyon
Bugler, First Maine Cavalry
It is with great pleasure that I write a testimonial for you. Your presentation at our recent 4th of July ceremony was highly regarded and respected from our audience. The performance was exceptional and inspiring not only to the adult crowd but for many of the young as well.

We look forward to work with you again in the future.

Thank you.
Chief, Edward V. Mitchell (US Navy Ret)
Director of Veterans Services
North Andover - Boxford District
VSO Web site Town of North Andover / Boxford



The General snapped like an open fire during the question and answer session giving not only answers to the questions at hand but also Grants take on the war at that time. Troop counts and movements were recounted as if you attended a briefing at the General's Headquarters. You felt like you might be called to arms yourself. The feeling of an uncomfortable hero was in every fiber of the very detailed and well crafted talk the General delivered about the closing days of the Civil War. Grant is a hard character because of his reluctance to grab limelight, a quiet genius. All looked forward to [this] unique take on General U.S. Grant. All of our interest and attentions were met by the General. Thank you for a thought provoking program . . .

Thomas Daly
Curator of Education
Norman Rockwell Museum


Old Sturbridge Village was honored to welcome General Ulysses S. Grant and his headquarters to our annual Redcoats to Rebels Weekend. Seeing the figure of General Grant on his magnificent horses leading such a large number of his troops was certainly a crowning point to our event  Visitors were certainly impressed with his authenticity and attention to detail. It is certainly "living history" at its best. I would recommend the General to anyone seeking a unique window into the past.

Jim O'Brien
Program Coordinator of Special Events
Old Sturbridge Village
General and Mrs. Grant,
Thank you very much for the memorable appearance in the city of Lawrence, MA. this past weekend.  We sincerely hope that you both enjoyed yourselves, and will return next year.  The dates for the 6th Annual Civil War Weekend in Lawrence, MA. have not been worked out yet.
Christopher-Jude Wekelo
 Secretary, Lawrence Civil War Memorial Guard



I take this opportunity to recommend "Sam" Grant to be . . . Ulysses S. Grant. . . .  I've never seen him since "out of character." . . . Over the years he has given presentations to schools; been in re-enactments; attended social functions and other activities as "Sam" Grant. With my friend "Sam" "All the world's a Stage" and he has played his part with a unique consistency bringing this past hero of our nation to life once more.

Donald W. Callender Jr.
V.P - West Chester Rail Road Company


The General was such a popular character, the children followed him out of the building and didn’t want him to leave.

Bill Ross, Cub Scout Den Leader, Pepperell, MA


I have known Sam personally for over twelve years. I first had the opportunity to view him in action through his performance in "Gettysburg". I have always known him to be a dedicated and tireless performer who is determined to portray his chosen role, that of General Grant, with respect, historical accuracy, and a genuine sense of compassion for the man who led the United States out of the Civil War.

His impression of U.S. Grant is meticulous from the posture that he assumes while engaging the public in front of his headquarters tent to his superior riding skills. In 1997, I had the opportunity to serve on Sam's staff at a large-scale reenactment event in Shiloh, Tennessee. Because of his reputation in the reenactment community at large, Sam was asked to portray General Grant. He served admirably at the head of more than 10,000 Federal reenactors. . . . Sam, however, was the consummate professional and was entirely in his element. His performance was, as always, exceptional. He is as truly devoted to his craft as a reenactor as he is to the preservation of our shared American heritage.

John M. Bashwiner of Bashwiner and Woods, P.C
Counsellors at Law


It has been my pleasure to serve in the 19th century field with Gen'l U. S. "Sam" Grant. I . . . can assure you that he could portray the former president in a most convincing way. He has made such a study of this character that I doubt whether Mrs. Grant herself could tell the difference, were she alive today.

Therefore, I heartily commend him to you, and suggest that you will not be disappointed by him.

Steven P. Frysinger, Ph.D. Professor and Assistant Department Head,
Integrated Science and Technology Department ,
James Madison University


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