Sam Grant as General Ulysses S. Grant

Since 1989, Sam Grant has dedicated his life to understanding Ulysses S. Grant, one of the greatest leaders this nation has ever known.  After years of study and experienceand portraying the part of General Grant, his professional interpretation of the General’s physical stature and character have won him the intellectual admiration and heartfelt appreciation of the most serious students of Civil War history and novice spectators alike. 

In Sam’s own words,
 “If that’s what I look like, and that's what I know,
then that’s why I’m here, to teach people about
the Greatest Average American that ever lived.”

Sam Grant as Ulysses S. Grant

  Ulysses S. Grant


Sam's well crafted presentations are designed to:

Motivate your students to learn not only the stories of history, but to experience one of its
              greatest players through all five senses in a living history engagement.

Challenge your intellect and understanding of pivotal events in our nation’s “most unholy
war” with the General’s insights and detailed visual aids, occasionally including topographical models.

   Inspire your managers with an unforgettable and refreshing interpretation of leadership held
               to a higher standard with lessons as relevant in the modern world of today as
they were over one hundred years past.



Presentations with the General

"Letters, Horses, and Cigars: A Living History Presentation of General U.S. Grant"

 For detailed information and to schedule an event, visit the presentations section of this website or the Contact U. S. Page.



“The Real Thing” 

    “ Working with Sam as I have for over a dozen years now , I can say only one thing: Sam is Grant! In addition to his extensive and intimate knowledge of the subject, his physical portrayal is remarkable.  I must tell you of the countless times when we will just be riding down a crowd line, and many of the public will spontaneously greet ‘General Grant’.   I once invited a client to attend an event that was held in Hamilton, NJ.  When he got to my tent upon arrival, the client was already in awe of the details and the overall environment that we recreate.  Just then, Sam rode up on his horse, just over the hill. My client's jaw dropped as he looked back at me.  ‘That's General Grant,’ he exclaimed.  I replied simply, ‘Yes, it is.’”

Laurence R. Golding; Managing Director, Carret Asset Management LLC


is dedicated to the memory of 
Ulysses S. Grant,
 the Soldiers and Sailors who served at his side,
the Preservation of the Land upon which they Fought,
And, the Women who supported them.